Creme13rulee’s Dream Cosplay Holiday giveaway


Have a giveaway!


  • Cosplay outfit of  your choice, material cost under $100*


  • 50% discount on a commission for extremely fancy outfits. (IE  Homestuck Fancy  God Tier cosplay… my country/area severely lacks decent satins)


  •    Fandom-themed good of your choice (crocheted or sewn) (pillows, plushes, hats, scarves)

THE CATCH:  In order to win you need to send me a receipt/ proof that you have done service/goodwill/donated to charity. Not everyone can give a lot— I don’t mind what amount, or what charity—- I don’t mind if you  give  $2 or volunteer at a soup kitchen or help your elderly neighbor— do some good in the world. I won’t know if you forge a note or not, but the karma’s on you.


  1. Reblogs only count once. Don’t spam.
  2. Likes do not count.
  3. You DON’T have to follow me unless you’re interested in my blog content.
  4. If you are under 18— Ask permission. You’ll need it to do some good. uwu
  5. You need to have your Ask/Submit box open in order for me to contact you. Plus, you need to be able to be easily contacted to talk about your costume.
  6. If there is no answer within 24 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
  7. You need to be comfortable divulging your body measurements (chest waist, hips,arm length.. as well as your address to mail stuff too.
  8. No deadlines. You will get the costume as soon as I can finish it while simultaneously making my own for cons and working full-time.
  9. I will ship internationally. The costume will ship from Japan

*(no extremely fitted outfits or armor/ large props, costumes may be picked according to the resources available to me, sorry!)


(works out to be around 12am PST)